About Amelia


I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. Loved the outdoors, broke a few arms climbing/ falling out of trees and was immersed in all team sports possible. 

I made regional teams in ball sports and was always the fittest on the team. I progressed into school cross country races and the run leg of team triathlon races. In 2007 I saved up and bought my first bike, which went on to win me numerous National junior titles in cycling. Two years later with plenty of regional races under my belt I placed 2nd at National junior Champs in Triathlon. 

University presented an exciting change and my ambitions became more academically focused. (Bachelors of Architecture). However having the natural need to exercise, there wasn’t complete remission from training. 

I did a my first half Ironman in Taupo 2012, where I qualified and then won age group World Champs in Spain. I won numerous domestic races before taking my Pro licence at the end of 2014 and winning my first Professional race at Challenge Gold Coast. 

My driven nature and passion for the outdoors, as well as my creative ambition fostered through University, has lead to my successful career as a Professional Triathlete.