About Amelia


I grew up in the city of Auckland, New Zealand. Raised by an inspiring mum and kept honest by a quick-witted younger brother and sister. I was obsessed with the outdoors from a young age, was immersed in all team sports possible and broke a few bones learning stuff the hard way. 

I made regional teams in ball sports and took pride in having the highest score in the beep test or the fastest run time trial. Though punishment for missing a goal was usually situps or burpees and I also had the best abs.. 

I progressed to distance running, road, track and preferred cross country, I made top 10s at a national level. I was introduced to triathlon as the runner to make up a teams event. Swimming wasn’t on my radar but it got me interested in cycling. 

At age 16 in 2007 I saved up and bought my first road bike, I loved the freedom granted with it, plus it was faster than the bus to get to school. I joined the cycling club which was probably a defining few years for me. We had uncountable national titles, including the team time trial, where there was no option but to keep up on the wheel. I went on to win numerous National U19 titles in the individual TT, road race, hill climb and team TT. 

Friends encouraged me to join the swim group and phased into triathlon training as well. Two years later with plenty of regional races under my belt I placed 2nd at Triathlon National Junior Champs and made the Triathlon NZ Youth Academy in 2010. 

University presented an exciting change and my ambitions became more academically focused for a few years completing a Bachelors of Architecture. However I was also assistant coaching in the cycling club so there was no chance of complete remission.

For a bit of fun I raced my first Half Ironman in Taupo 2012, it qualified me for ITU ld World Champs in Spain where I won my age group and decided to move into the long-distance race circuit. I won numerous domestic races before taking my Professional licence at the end of 2014 and winning my first Professional race at Challenge Gold Coast.

After finishing my studies and having a brief taste of racing on the international circuit, I knew the opportunities to establish a successful career as a professional triathlete were well worth a shot. 

I was a member of the Thanyapura Triathlon team based out of Phuket, Thailand in 2016. 

In 2017 I was a member of the BMC- Etixx Professional Triathlon Team based in Europe. 

I thrive on the processes we as professional triathletes have the opportunities to indulge in. From the planning and self management commitments, the travel through racing and training camps, the cultural experiences and inspiring people met along the way, and the positive impact our sport has on individuals and communities.