February Blog - The Last Month of Contiki

February jipped us a little with its mere 28 days, but the month still managed to be busy enough that I needed to scroll through my iPhone photos for a memory jogger to write my blog post. Spent in Auckland, Queenstown, Greymouth, Christchurch, Wanaka, Bangkok and Phuket (...) It's just a bit like waiting for Monday to roll around before you start your healthy eating plan.

December Blog - 2017 summarised by numbers, positives and interestings

Training tilt is about bringing coaches, athletes and business together. Cam talks marketing and business ideas, Training Tilt clients share coaching philosophies and I’ll contribute a bit of pro triathlete life. 

As this is my first post and it's getting scarily close to 2018 I’ll thumbnail things into an annual review. 

I quite liked the way Spotify summarised my 2017 musical taste in numbers, so I’ll introduce myself and year in a triathlete capacity, in numbers too:

70.3 Philippines

Provence of Cebu, 9th biggest island of 7600+ islands (only 2000 are inhabited) that make up the Philippines... Won gold. Very Happy to get a win in this season after a slow start to my year. Atmosphere and orgainisation wise the best half ironman in Asia! (If the bike course was hilly it would rank no1 on course too.) 

Triathlon like Rice

Thai new year (Songkran; celebrated with a nation wide water flight) has come and gone so I figured it perfect timing for a reflection - new season blog post. In a chat re the cultural significance of Songkran, I learnt the basics of rice farming... Relavence to triathlon: