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January Blog - Planning your year with Golf balls, Pebbles, Sand and Beer

January Blog - Planning your year with Golf balls, Pebbles, Sand and Beer

Written for trainingtilt: The only all-in-one solution for triathlon and endurance coaches

A monthly update from Amelia Rose Watkinson on aspects of pro triathlete life - January 2018




Icons of a New Zealand January; Beach, sun, friends, family, sport, beers, bbq, road trips, camping and for the triathlete community, training, racing and tan lines. 

After a fair bit of travel this year I’ve really appreciated a summer at home. I’ve  had second christmas after a first in Aussie, a few days of camping in the central north island, a hard day at Port of Tauranga half Ironman, a trip down to Hawkes bay one of my favourite places to bike, a mini training camp in Omaha and my longest run to date exploring Aucklands very own Waitakeri ranges. 

January is also about planning and goals. I’ve had a motivating month looking at how to align everything towards my big project. 

I came across a video clip called the ‘Jar of Life’ (a jar containing, golf balls, pebbles, sand and beer. Placed in the jar in that order, they represent the core valves of life, try and fit them in the jar in any other order and they won’t fit). A nice analogy thats quite applicable to triathlon.

Deciding on my golf balls for the year has been a process that will see some big changes; 


The idea we needed a settled environment to base ourselves, with all of our equipment in one location, a community and a home became very apparent last year. Weighing up factors of lifestyle, language, visas, warm weather and training partners we have selected the Sunshine Coast to kick start April.

- Coaching

The coach athlete partnership plays a huge part in my year, it requires time and loyalty and a lot of learning along the way. It’s been a successful few years working with Bevan where developed some key skills outside of swim, bike, run, achieved my initial goal of becoming National champ at the half distance and many more. Sometimes we need a new approach. I will now be working with Armando from Sansego, who has a wealth of experience racing world class events with Jo lawn. 

- Sponsorship 

A challenging aspect to the sport. This year I won’t be on BMC-Etixx due to geographical reasons. Although financially I may be in a worse position it does give me more race freedom, flexibility and an opportunity to align with other companies. I’m pleased to still be working with Asics New Zealandand Training Tilt. And through a transition year hope to make more meaningful partnerships.

- Season Planning

This year will be a different plan of attack season wise. With every A race I’ve lined up a contingency plan  with the focus on the key targets for the year: 70.3 World Champs in South Africa and Qualification for Kona 2019 in the back half of the year. 

The pebbles fill the voids 

These are the ‘1%ers’. These are vast and are different for everyone. I’m learning recovery is the key to enabling repetitive high level training and racing. Icebaths to lower core temperature, stretching, recovery boots and massage combined with quality sleep and nutrition allow you to absorb training so much better. I’m loving doing personalised gym work and know it will be the hail to staying injury free. Equipment maintenance is rewarding and everyone likes shiny prerace bike photos. 

The sand once poured holds everything together 

Happiness. Clichè but we race better happy. Our psychological space is part of having a healthy and sustainable career. Finding the balance of leisure activities and quality recovery.

The beer is the bonus stuff

Even when you think everything is perfect theres always room for a little extra. And quite literally a hard days training always earns us an ice-cold beer. 

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What's Next

Challenge Wanaka in a few weeks time, It’s great to race a bit more of the New Zealand season and support my home crowd. Heading to Asia end of February  for a few pre season races in Asia and to return to our apartment in Phuket that is currently rented to our luggage! 


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