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70.3 Busan: Korea

70.3 Busan: Korea

I couldn't be happier with my season so far, 3 wins out of 3 races and have only been here for a month.

Race Summary:

Busan is located on the southeast coast of South Korea. Korea is the fashionista of Asia, Shinsegae, the worlds biggest department store was just around the corner so made sure I did a post race workout walking it's 21 levels. Our accommodation was in the Haeundae beach area, quirky restaurants and bars lined the board walk onto the beach. Back streets turned into seafood markets displaying every type of sea creature imaginable. After getting food poisoning from my seafood buffet last week and being told 80% of their red meat is dog I stuck to chicken for my protein source.

Serious fog, waves, and drizzle rolled in race day morning which delayed our start and shortened the swim leg to 1.2km. It was my first wetsuit swim since NZ summer and it took me a while to get a good feel of the water, but I made up time after rounding the first buoy and lead out of the water by 2mins. A Hilly and incredibly technical bike course played to my advantage and I extended my lead to 17mins off the bike. I maintained my lead on the run to secure gold and even managed 4th overall. Awesome to be on the Podium with my Thanyapura teammate Michelle Duffield (for her first ever half ironman podium finish) and local star Shaio Yu Li Well.


"Change is opportunity" 

Making the decision to confirm my spot on the Thanyapura Pro Triathlon team was a surprisingly hard decision at the time. I was in the midst of going through some tough times in my personal life and was faced with a lot of uncertainly around life direction and goals. At one stage I wasn't even sure if I was cut out to pursue the life of a professional triathlete.

I read an awful lot of motivational quotes, much like newspaper starsign readings you really can take what you want from them. "Before Alice got to wonderland she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole". "Ships don't sink because of the water around them, ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don't let what happens around you get inside and weigh you down". "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover". "You don't remember the nights you had a good nights sleep". I also read a series of entrepreneurial blogs/articles. "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. No other element can do so much for a man if he is willing to study them and make capital out of them."- Dale Carnegie. You need to be adaptable, persistent, open minded, willing, flexible, and strive to be high achieving. 'Opportunity' was a reoccurring word throughout readings. Opportunity comes from change in the environment, entrepreneurs acquire resources to exploit opportunities. Friends and family ultimately said I've got my whole life ahead of me and to do what makes be happy and the rest will come.

My decision once I'd made it seemed like such an easy one. I hadn't given the sport or myself anywhere near enough of chance. I love to swim, bike, run and the natural high you get as a result. I value the experience of indulging in different countries and cultures, and the personalities I meet along the way. I enjoy the adventure of sharing and hearing stories and skills and building life experience. So make the most my situation, grab the opportunity with two hands and move to Thailand.

Adrenaline kept me going for a couple of months mixed in with bike racing and moving house multiple times. I got sick after my first week in Phuket, probably as my body finally took a breather and I tried to build a routine in my new environment. Combined with 2 doses of food poisoning, lots of long travel and hard racing I am happy with my achievements so far and learning a lot about myself along the way.

I'm in the best headspace I've ever been in. My race successes have been a big reassurance towards bigger goals and the path I've chosen to pursue for the next few years.

Time for a solid block of training at Thanyapura with my fellow team mates, Hotel guests, and the Fina squad (an inspiring bunch from 16 different developing countries sponsored by Fina for Rio qualifying).

Next up 70.3 Asia Pacific Champs in Cebu 7th August.

Thank you again to my faithful supporters, you all know who you are, and FitterBayEspressoTrainingtiltBalanceSportsNutrition2XUAsics and Thanyapura

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70.3 Asia-Pacific Champs: Cebu: Philippines

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