Triathlon like Rice

Thai new year (Songkran; celebrated with a nation wide water flight) has come and gone so I figured it perfect timing for a reflection - new season blog post. In a chat re the cultural significance of Songkran, I learnt the basics of rice farming... Relavence to triathlon: 

Bohol 5150: Philippines

Another enthusiasm packed event here in the Philippines. Lead from start to finish, a magical swim, bright corals and fish, fast concrete road on the bike, goats and good smelling breadshops. Finished

Challenge Jeju: Korea

The inaugural race was held on Jeju island off the southwest coast of South Korea. One of the seven wonders of nature and features an excessive quality of Dol hareubangs (giant stone korean gnomes) which apparently bring protection and if you touch them on the nose, fertility. 

ITU ld Beihai: China

On the Top of the Podium at ITU ld Weihai on the weekend! 

Weihai was my first trip to China. An overwhelming experience at the airports where I've learnt when the lift says max 18 people, it