The sweet taste of running and homebody life

“The last month of “winter”. The Sunshine Coast version, with basically 0mm rain, lows of 6, highs of 28 (except for 70.3 Sunshine Coast race day). Also when snakes come out of hibernation, shed their skins, realise they’re hungry and prepare for sun basking time.”

May Blog - Peg leg and a bottle of rum

May was the name of my childhood cat, short for Mayhem - and kind of describes my mental state for the month dealing with my dud foot. In hindsight, I would’ve done things differently but they say life’s about the journey, not the destination so I’m learning throughout the process. Other than that things are starting to feel quite settled, we’ve discovered the best coffee roasteries and the nice spots for picnics and my not so little brother came to visit.

April Blog - Dismounting in Noosa

April has been an exciting prologue to Aussie living. Its like if you want a chance at the yellow jersey you have to give it everything you’ve got on the first Time Trial. We had a long warm up with a 32hr road trip from Melbourne to Noosa. Hit the first small hill finding our rental accommodation. And are currently lapping up the views in our new home and training destination.  

February Blog - The Last Month of Contiki

February jipped us a little with its mere 28 days, but the month still managed to be busy enough that I needed to scroll through my iPhone photos for a memory jogger to write my blog post. Spent in Auckland, Queenstown, Greymouth, Christchurch, Wanaka, Bangkok and Phuket (...) It's just a bit like waiting for Monday to roll around before you start your healthy eating plan.

December Blog - 2017 summarised by numbers, positives and interestings

Training tilt is about bringing coaches, athletes and business together. Cam talks marketing and business ideas, Training Tilt clients share coaching philosophies and I’ll contribute a bit of pro triathlete life. 

As this is my first post and it's getting scarily close to 2018 I’ll thumbnail things into an annual review. 

I quite liked the way Spotify summarised my 2017 musical taste in numbers, so I’ll introduce myself and year in a triathlete capacity, in numbers too: